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Personnel Profiles is America’s premier sales training evaluators, and we work exclusively with new home builders. We help you maximize your sales training program by professionally evaluating your sales team.

Increase Sales through evaluation

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Maximizing Home Builder Sales Through Evaluation

How our program benefits you:

  • Measure the ability of individual sales representatives to project the corporate sales philosophy and to implement the methods and skills learned in current training programs, allowing you to better measure the return on your training investment.

  • Develop an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of the sales presentation, both individually and as a team so you can focus future training efforts to round out the skills of your entire sales staff.

  • Provide a Personnel Profiles © performance curve for each representative that shows their comparative placement to industry standards, along with an individual analysis. You can have these tools to develop personalized training programs to enhance the overall skills of your representatives. Or, we will utilize your in-house training score card and other systems as requested, at no extra charge.

  • Improve the professional skills of your sales staff through self-motivation, goal setting and team spirit. These characteristics can help you build a world-class sales organization that is both productive and fun to work with.
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